“Updating an iconic family brand driven by a passion and love for what they do.”


Zammit Small Goods

Brand Rejuvenation
Packaging Design

A quality producer of meats, the Zammit brand has been a family run business since its inception in 1952 and is renowned for their excellent produce and customer service.

The brand had predominantly been a food service brand with a small presence in the retail space.

Recent opportunities meant Zammit had the potential to capitalise further on the retail market with further distribution into key retail stores like Harris Farm & IGA. In order to ensure the Zammit brand reflected the quality cues it needed to in order to succeed in the retail space, Jam&Co were tasked with updating this iconic family brand to truly reflect the passion, pride and perfection that goes into every product.



Colour Cues 

The subsequent brand that was developed was one that contemporised the Zammit roundel and tapped into colour cues from the Zammit family heritage. The typography was handcrafted & inspired by Mediterranean Butcher signage that truly reflects the passion and quality of the Zammit brand.


Highlighting the Zammit difference

The brand then needed to be rolled out onto several packs – the packs really needed to stand out in a cluttered retail space and highlight the Zammit difference. The food shots used on pack are designed to inspire and create appetite appeal for consumers. Emotion was created through the use of old photographs of the Zammit family, really showcasing the history and nostalgia behind the products in conjunction with warm textures.