The Kotler 3 WOW characteristics for your packaging design

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Uncategorized

The Kotler’s 3 characteristics of  WOW for your packaging design must be built in to your design to attract and keep customers.

According to marketing sage Philip Kotler in his latest marketing book Marketing 4.0 – (written with and published in December last year),“WOW is an expression that a customer utters when experiencing a speechless delight!” The question for Brand marketers is how they can build WOW into their packaging design so that it sells more on the retail shelf?

3 characteristics of WOW packaging?

Every Brand marketer understands the value of building customers over time. New consumers are the foundation for repeat business and therefore they drive the long-term success of a brand. Therefore it’s an essential part of the Brand marketer’s role that they break entrenched consumer shopping habits and unearth first-time customers successfully converting them across to their product/s and brand.

Out of the brand marketers control

In today’s highly complex retail shopping environment, so much of the success of a product has shifted outside of marketing’s locus of control. Out of all the factors that go into product performance, areas such as distribution, retail pricing, shelf placement, POS displays, etc, packaging design still remains as one of the few critical tools brand managers still have control over. So they have to make it count.

On the supermarket shelf conversion means that you have between 3 and 7 seconds to grab your targeted customer’s attention, have them go WOW! and put your product into their shopping trolley. Those are tight odds!

Kotler’s Marketing 4.0 methodology suggests that there are 3 key characteristics which constitute a WOW! These three Wow’s can be implemented and adapted to fit in with your packaging design.

The Kotler’s 3 WOW’s characteristics are:

  • Suprise
  • Personalization
  • Contagious.


A WOW must must be designed into the pack to create surprise!

When one’s expectations are blown away and we get much, much more than we ever expected…that becomes a WOW moment. In an ideal world, if the pack design can trigger each of our five senses and engage us grabbing our attention, then that design can convert the automatic-pilot task of grocery shopping into a fun and surprising experience. Great packaging designers look to bring a pack to life with the use of both visually striking creative graphic and structural design. They work to differentiate and make the product stand out. They strive to have the customer go, “WOW! Check this out!

So how can Kotler’s 3  characteristics of WOW be adapted to suit your packaging design to drive more customers to buy your products?