Where are you in the sea of “me too”?

In a sea of “me too” products on the retail shelf, how can you catch the consumer’s eye? How can you connect with them emotionally and achieve your revenue and margin goals?

Winning packaging design is your “silent salesperson” fighting for your brand on shelves daily. It’s no secret that how your packaging presents on shelf can make or break it’s performance.

There are so many products on shelf it’s really easy for yours to get lost. This is even more prevalent when the product is un-supported with either zero or limited brand awareness marketing. Consider the following research highlighting the need to be seen on shelf.

Can your product pass the split-second test? Your Packaging design needs to give consumers a reason to stop, pick up and look at the product. According to an article written by Ed Soehnel, a startup and growth company expert, there are three studies that every marketer attempting to sell from shelf should be aware of:

  • A Proctor and Gamble study 25 years ago indicated that consumers pushing a shopping cart down a supermarket aisle, will browse a pack for 1/6th of a second before they decide to stop and look.
  • The Food Marketing Institute, research suggests that if a customer picks up a package, even if they are not familiar with the product, there is a 71% chance they will put it in the shopping cart.
  • A study conducted by Goldman Sachs in the 1990s indicated that for shoppers who shop with a shopping list, >60% of the content of the shopping cart were impulse purchases, thus the importance of packaging to appeal to that impulse.

Creating a strong emotional connection.

Your brand must invest in creating a strong emotional connection with the consumer through both powerful messaging and winning packaging design. It should emphasise your products unique benefits helping it shout out amongst the throng of “me too” competition

This infographic, which you can click below and enlarge, explains how you can create packaging design that customers will continually reach for.


Packaging design Infographic Jam&Co-01