Why Strategic Brand Evolution can’t fail

by | Aug 17, 2018 | Strategically thinking through the design process

When created and implemented effectively, a Strategic Brand Evolution can’t fail. Why? Because a well put together Evolutionary Strategic Brand Plan is based on natural law.

American political theorist and philosopher, Russell Kirk said, “Natural law is an instrument for progress, not a weapon of revolution.” Because the evolutionary strategic brand plan is based on natural law, it can’t fail.

Over the years the relationship between brands and their customers developed and changed from merely being a symbol and identification of a brand to where they are now active and part f our communities. This has happened because of brand evolution.

Brand and packaging evolution is an imperative!

The bottom line is creating an Strategic Brand Evolution plan is not an option, brand evolution is an imperative . If you want to stay one or two jumps ahead of your competition you have to “pull your brand into the future“. You do it with a strategically well thought out brand evolution and packaging evolutionary plan.

Evolve is a priority just to stay ahead of the pack

Suppose you decided to start a veggie-patch.

You lay down the best soils and organic fertilisers and you plant your first crops. After lots of tender care, water and sunlight you are able to garner your first batch of veggies. 

Now imagine you have kept the veggie patch going and you’re into your third or fourth year. Whats happening?

  • Your soil has matured and packed down tight.
  • Earthworms are proliferating, aerating and adding valuable nutrients to the soil.
  • You have so much more experience.                                                                              
  • You now know what works and what doesn’t.
  • You know where the best sunlight is and where particular produce will react both positively or negatively.
  • You know how much to water and when best to water.

This is the optimum time for your veggie patch. You can count on it delivering awesome produce.


So it is with your branding and packaging design strategy. An evolving brand strategy allows for short term growth and sales. It also projects into the future and pulls on its maturity and compelling point of difference to grow bigger and even better.

The brand has now become a rallying point to customers and consumers.

The Compound Effect of Brand Evolution

Evolutionary design, as it implies, is made up of smaller incremental changes that do not fundamentally alter the character of a brand. These changes can range from functional to cosmetic, subtle to significant, but the overall message is one of continuity.

An evolutionary approach signals a fresher way of being perceived as the business evolves organically to own new ground.

The core reason why the evolutionary strategic brand plan is so effective is because it is founded upon a clear plan. Small evolutionary changes along the way that keep the brand and it’s packaging constantly ahead of its competitors and regularly attracting new consumers.

With brand evolution, the brand itself has a direction and focus. Like the rudder of a ship as the winds and currents shift, so too will the evolutionary brand and packaging change as required…All the while still staying on course.

What does this mean for you?

– Where to start?

– How do you get this evolutionary strategic approach to brand growth started?

– How can I be sure that the Evolutionary Strategic Brand Plan will work for my brand or product range?

  • Want to know how to sell this approach in to your senior management team?
  • Want to know where you can find the budget for this strategic approach to brand growth?
  • Want to know how to sell this approach in to your retailer/distributor?

Contact us here at Jam&Co and let us demonstrate how this “oldie but a goodie” will help your brand stay ahead of the ‘pack’ whilst putting you and your brand marketer career on the map.