Why branding and packaging design is like orthodontics

by | Aug 16, 2018 | Branding with impact

The orthodontist of design is a specialist agency that  helps businesses that MUST have a brand or pack that does the Heavy Lifting!  The orthodontist is the specialist you pay to create a pack or brand design that delivers results!

IOW: Effective packaging design takes into account the 2-3 seconds consumers take to make a buying decision. Those 3 seconds are exceedingly important when you consider that more than 70% of purchasing decisions are made at point of purchase. 

Grabbing consumer attention involves both research and strategy as well as an in-depth understanding of emotional connection creation.

The orthodontist of design understands the science of the brand and packaging life cycle. Through knowledge and experience they are able to extrapolate where both brand and product research, combined with strategic rethinking provides a competitive advantage for your product and brand.

You are paying them to know what’s required to achieve results.

Branding & packaging design agencies focus on delivering results.

The orthodontists of design, design product packs and brands that sell to their intended consumer. They create designs specifically to deliver the exact result their client is looking for.

Here’s what the orthodontist of design does: They…

  • immerse themselves in your target market and
  • narrow down your technical options,
  • choose the best solution,
  • develop an emotionally compelling brand, and then
  • execute to deliver the brand and the product
  • choose the best solutions and
  • help guide and support the entire branding and packaging design process all the way to the end.

For the orthodontist of design, the main reward and primary objective is to dramatically increase your product or service sales or influence via the most appropriate methodology specific to your target audience.

Be it a “Point of sale” piece, a brochure, a product pack design, a web site, a PowerPoint presentation or any other graphical messaging device…. This is what you are paying a specialist for.

When you go to an orthodontist you are paying them to achieve a specific result. You are paying them for their experience and expertise.


Knowing the “where to hit it!”

There’s the old and well worn tale of the woman who calls in a plumber when her washing machine breaks down. The plumber arrives, studies the machine, then produces a hammer and gives it a hefty whack. The washing machine instantly starts working again and the plumber presents the woman with a bill for $230.

‘Two hundred and thirty dollars?‘ says the woman in exasperation. ‘All you did was hit it with the hammer!

With that the plumber provides her with an itemised bill. It read:

  • Hitting washing machine with a hammer – $5.
  • Knowing where to hit it – $225.

So it is with design. Do you need a dentist or an orthodontist? Maybe the dentist will suffice for now. Maybe you need more!