What’s the Big Marketing Idea behind your packaging?

by | Jul 17, 2019 | Creating powerful and effective Corporate Design Communications


Just as a  Big Marketing Idea is the idea, the unique angle behind your marketing campaign. The unique idea behind your marketing message. The sui generis behind your headline.

The Big Idea – According to Wikipedia:

Big Idea in marketing and advertising is a term used to symbolise the foundation for a major undertaking in these areas – an attempt to communicate a brand, product, or concept to the general public, by creating a strong message that pushes brand boundaries and resonates with the consumers.

Last year I read an awesome marketing book called the Big Marketing Idea, by Todd Brown.

As a result is changed the way we look at packaging design.

Your big  marketing idea is the way to position your product so it’s never viewed by your targeted consumer as the same thing your competitors are offering.

  • It’s something fresh… 
  • Something they haven’t heard before. 

It’s a type of marketing hook that’s both emotionally-compelling and intellectually interesting to your prospects.” Todd Brown  

Grabs your targeted consumers attention

The big idea represented on your product pack makes even the most ordinary, common product feel unique, different, and special… It does this without hyperbole and without without ever lying or stretching the truth.

It’s what grabs your prospects attention… gives them a feeling of discovery… an AHA! moment… and makes them stop dead in their tracks to engage with your product on the shelf (or your marketing campaign). 

The big idea is at the entire foundation of great copy, great packaging and great marketing


Having a big marketing idea is critical today because it creates cut thru on shelf by easy differentiation.

However, it bodes well to note that Just because your product is better, doesn’t mean it will grab attention.

Better doesn’t always stand-out. Different does.

You need to differentiate your marketing message and your product pack from all the others in your category.

Ideally you want your consumer to say “Wow – what is that? I need to know more.” This is why a big marketing idea is so essential.

According to Todd Brown, the author of the Big Marketing Idea book…

Every Big Marketing Idea should meet ten criteria.

  1. Presents One Promise
  2. It’s Specific
  3. Conveys One Story
  4. Leads To One Conclusion
  5. Taps One Emotion
  6. Must Be New & Unique
  7. Must Feel Timely
  8. Bold. Captivating. Arresting
  9. Immediately Understandable
  10. The Rule Of One – Where Big Marketing Ideas are made up of one single powerful idea. Not a mix of ideas. Not a bunch of ideas. One single idea. 

So now when you look at your packaging design… does it meet all or some of the criterion above

Is your pack emotionally compelling because it’s been designed and built on the back of a Primary Promise,  fulfilled by a Unique Mechanism which can at a glance be quickly understood?

Contact us here at Jam to discover how we can build these Big Marketing Idea criterion into your branding and packaging.