What does a recreational marijuana brand and Bill’s Bread have in common?

by | Mar 6, 2018 | Awards, Creating Emotional Connection, Hardware packaging design

Laura Zielinski, the former Editor in Chief of BRANDPACKAGING, a USA based branding and packaging magazine, writes about a recreational marijuana brand, Zoots’ and an Aussie, organic health bakery, Bills Bread.

In her article she writes about how both organisations used their packaging design as a marketing tool for overcoming product misconceptions and helping customers to trust brands.

In her post Zielinski tells her favourite story of the recreational marijuana brand Zoots’ who were able to ditch the “stoner ” stereotype and thus were able to convey both safety and consistency to its customers. All done through its packaging. She goes on in her blog post article to show how Bill’s Certified Organic Health Bakery also used packaging design to regain the customer trust lost when the grains they used in their bread came under fire by health-conscious buyers.

Click HERE to get the full BRANDPACKAGING article.

You can also view the full Bill’s Bread case study here.