We want personalised packaging

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Branding with impact, Creating Emotional Connection

Personalised Packaging turns good packaging design into great packaging! Personalisation of packaging is the process of tailoring product packaging design to individual target market or person’s name, characteristics or preferences.

Packaging personalisation has become an ever-increasing phenomenon and is now especially important to the millennial consumer. Because, whilst there are many preferences millennials have which are hard to satisfy, there is one preference that Brand Marketers need to take ever more seriously…the demand for personalisation.

We love personalised packaging

In 1936 Dale Carnegie wrote : “Names are the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” What’s changed since then? Not a whole lot.

How can Brand Managers capitalise on this core basic human need… to be recognised?

Do you remember the first time you bought something with a credit card and the person operating the register operator thanked you by name? I can still recall that warm fuzzy feeling and even wondering “How do they know my name?” even though it was pretty obvious.

Personalised packaging builds the customer relationship between consumer and producer. And… thanks to both personalisation software and printing methodology in the last couple years, it’s become more affordable for businesses of all types.

Personalised packaging offers a very simple but ultimately very effective means of connecting with consumers. It provides them with a personal touch and actualises consumer loyalty. It creates a unique individual product-consumer relationship.

Personalisation also adds to the increased perception of product value. Very often, personalisation allows products to be sold at a higher prices.  This was the case with the now well know Heinz ‘Get Well Soon’ campaign. Did you know that these personalised tins of soup were sold for double the price?


Pease take my data

According to Sales Force.COM research shows that consumers are hungry for more personalised marketing and in fact*63% (Sixty-three percent) of Millennial consumers and 58% of GenX consumers are even willing to share their personal data with companies in exchange for personalised offers and discounts.

For these Gen X’ers and Millennial consumers, “Their personal data seems to be a small price to pay in exchange for personalised in-store or online shopping experiences, or for product recommendations that match their needs.”  Todays consumer wants to be heard. They want to be understood, remembered, and respected. They no longer wish to be seen as a collective number.  Rather today’s consumer wants to be treated like an individual.

What’s really exiting is that for the astute Brand Manager, is that there are smart applications and means of tapping customer data as well as ever decreasing printing technologies which can allow them to deliver experiences with a human touch… at scale.

Personalising packaging creates WOW!

Packaging design plays has always played a significant role in delivering a great customer experience. Great packaging design it is often the first thing consumers will see when engaging with products and brands they love. So it’s really no surprise that every day personalised packaging has been attracting more and more attention, with many brands. FMCG brands are also looking at this fast developing capability as a direct means of competing against the ever increasing demand by both retailers and consumers for Private Label products.

Since personalisation is widely known to build a better and stronger relationship with customers,  personalisation has been used to great effect in the luxury item market. This trend has turned into a key influencer and is now seen to be representative of the future of the packaging industry.

Personalised packaging trends

In a recent study conducted by Packaging Europe (commissioned for a report by Packaging Innovations, UK’s largest annual event for the whole packaging supply chain, and ThePackHub, the leading UK packaging innovation consultancy.) with 335 leading Brands, Retailers and Packaging Specialists found that:

  • 66% of those surveyed stated that the personalisation of packaging is something that they are currently implementing or considering,
  • 89% stated this trend would increase over the next 2 years.
  • 73 % of brand owners and 60% of suppliers have either done or were considering doing a personalised packaging project within the past year.
  • Consumer engagement was increased by 87.9% 
  • Brand awareness increased with packaging personalisation to 86.1% 
  • 63.7% agreed that personalised packaging increases sales
  • 52.8 % suggested that personalisation projects have a positive impact on consumer loyalty

According to the report, whilst “the rate of increase in personalised packaging has been impressive, the size of the personalised packaging market ($6.1 billion) is still rather modest relative to the overall packaging market (approx. $850 billion)“. The report projected that personalised packaging is expected to compound in growth annually by 5.1% over the next 8 years.

Conclusion: The personalised packaging market is set to will continue to grow and as a result will transform the way products look and how consumers engage with them.

Technology, technology, technology…

Whilst most Brand Marketers will agree that Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ campaign back in 2013 was a watershed moment in branding, today the technology for the creation of such awesome personalisation campaign has become more affordable than ever.

Cost effective technology now gives brands the opportunity to personalise their product packaging even more closely with their target consumer. With today’s cost effective printing solutions for personalisation, Brands are able to create a perception of product uniqueness whilst at the same time satisfy the ever increasing demands of their consumer audience.

There are  even some champagne and whisky manufacturers who have the capability of enabling their consumers to add text via a website to engrave the bottle or its outer packaging.

Some brands are creating lasting impressions by allowing their consumers the option of adding their photo to the product packaging.

Personalised Packaging Costs…

Referring to the study conducted by Packaging Europe, financial factors topped the list of restraints for most Brand Marketers when it comes to developing a personalised packaging campaign or product line.

  • 73% of those surveyed said that financial constraints and the perceived on-cost of personalised packaging activity would hinder their willingness to undertake personalised packaging projects.
  • Only 29% of professionals highlighted technology as being a potential issue.

Packaging Personalisation opens up new markets

There is a plethora of research suggesting that packaging is the most influential medium in terms of consumer buying decisions. In fact some research even goes as far as suggesting that packaging is even more effective that traditional above TV and online advertising.

Douglas Gibson, managing director of Infigo Software, a HP print partner says: “It’s essential that packaging and label producers are able to offer solutions that enable brands to create unique and outstanding packaging that is tailored to their end user, whether that’s through customisation, personalisation or localisation, and all of these can be enabled simply using the right web-to-print solution.

Personalisation does not just make products stand out on the retail shelf,  can also open up new markets and expand revenue opportunities in the form of gifts, as seen in the Haribo’s Sweet Jar. This also encourage loyalty and reuse because it can be easily refilled.

If, as we know, great packaging tends to raise the customer’s satisfaction and enhance the buying experience.  We also know that great packaging design also has the unique ability to close the gap between traditional shopping and online shopping. How much more so will personalised packaging impact the sale at the shelf.