VESCO – Super Nature

Website Design

Super Nature had briefed in JAM to assist with designing a functional website that was user friendly (easy to navigate) and provide ‘surprise and delights’ throughout the platform! With the new packaging meant there was an opportunity to be creative with the way each range and SKU was to be communicated on their website.

The design needed to follow the new modernised look and feel from their packaging and ensure that it stood by their brand as the credible health brand who are known for the delicious superfood filled meals and functional health offerings. Super Nature celebrates the superfood ingredients within the meal and educates the audience about each of them.

To create the website we worked closely with a web developer who was familiar with word press and art directed a photoshoot to capture all the imagery required for the design. It was important for Super Nature to have ownable imagery on their website as well as their packaging. The challenges faced with this website of course came down to the different dimensions that were required for a desktop, laptop, ipad and phone. To ensure that the designed rolled out smoothly across all.