[SlideShare]Building UI, UX and EC into packaging design

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Building UX, UI and EC into packaging on the supermarket shelf.

How do you consistently generate sales from the retail shelf today and into the future? You do this by ensuring you building UI, UX and EC into your packaging design. This [Slide Share] will explain how.

Building UX, UI and EC, the 3 pillars of Strategic Packaging Design into your packs

Product Packaging is seen as concentrated form of brand communication. Included within the packaging design are the 3 critical pillars of UI, UX and EC. What exactly is UI, UX and EC and how do these 3 pillars apply to packaging on the retail shelf? How do these 3 pillars result in increased and consistent sales? How do you build UI, UX and EC into your packaging design?

Pillar 1 = UI

UI stands for User Interface. UI in packaging design  which is termed UIPD is the strategic expertise by which packaging designers code the packaging design using form, materials, colours and symbols. These elements tell a brand or product story to make a product on shelf both approachable and understandable.

Pillar 2 = UX

UX stands for User experience. UX in packaging design, termed UXPD, is a packaging design methodology predicated on user research and strategy. UXPD is deeply rooted in understanding how the product within the pack will contribute to delivering valuable interactive experiences at every touchpoint. The goal of UXPD is to make sure the pack delivers a valuable customer experiences before, during and after interacting with the product.

Pillar 3 = EC

EC stands for Emotional Connection. Emotional Connection is the practice of appealing directly to a consumer’s emotional state, needs and aspirations. EC is built into a pack design to trigger a desire for the advertised brand (or product) that cannot fully be rationalised.

Building the UI, UX and EC into your packaging design

This [SlideShare] will explain in greater depth what the 3 pillars are and how they relate to packaging design and how to go about building them into the packaging design.