Two critical paradigm shifts Brand Marketers must learn and urgently apply.

by | Jul 4, 2019 | Strategically thinking through the design process


There are two critical paradigms of thought and action that Brand Marketers must learn and urgently apply.

Two critical paradigm shifts

It’s the 4th of July… It’s American Independence Day. Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers would say, “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” 

The late Dr Wayne Dwyer used to say, “When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change“. What both of these great thought leaders are teaching us is that, it’s not just about doing things a little differently or putting in longer hours to get those things done, it is about completely changing your paradigm. 

wayne dyer quote about paradigm

According to Wikipedia, a PARADIGM is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitutes legitimate contributions to a field.

The Paradigm must change

There are two critical paradigms that Brand Marketers must shift if they are to heed Tommy Jay’s words of wisdom.

The first paradigm change that must happen is that of the retailers’ outcome.

1. The paradigm shift of retail outcomes

You must change your paradigm of the supermarket; grocery store; BigBox retailer or retailer in general.

What if you changed your paradigm of the retailer to that of a Real Estate Landlord. 

  • What if the sole purpose of the category buyer was simply to maximise their real estate on the shop floor.
  • What if every centimetre of space on the shelf or in the store had to achieve a certain percentage of ROI. 

In fact, whilst the buyer might say they care about selling quality products, and of course they do… because it’s their reputation on the line. That said, the main objective is to maximise shelf space ROI.

shelf space ROI

This means that if a competitor has a better looking, better-selling product and even though it is slightly inferior to your own… guess which one will end up being supported?

Whilst it may seem like I am preaching to the converted, the naked truth is that STILL, even with this knowledge, Brand marketers are viewing their product offering through their old paradigm. They must undergo a paradigm shift.

Do you start out every new product development opportunity with the ROI of real estate paradigm as your number one priority?

As a packaging design and branding agency, I can count on less than three fingers the number of briefs we get that even mention the realestate paradigm.

  • How would your pack on shelf look if that was your first priority?
  • How would your whole product to market process change if, ROI for the retailer on a shelf, was their first priority?
  • How much quicker would their NPD process to market be?
  • How many more products would they be willing to commit to short runs, to see if they work before they throw a ton of money at them?

The second paradigm shift that much change is one we at Jam see on a daily basis and one that I have written many blogs on. This is the paradigm of UNDERESTIMATION

2. The paradigm shift of underestimation

As a Brand Manager, you must know how challenging it can be to get your product to stand out on the shelf among so many competitors. We hope this article will help you tackle some of the challenges you are currently facing with your package design.

See the blog post 10 ways Brand Managers underestimate all it takes to attract consumers. 

We, at Jam&Co, are immersed in the core philosophy that “One should never underestimate the task of captivating a target customer. We must move them emotionally and intellectually, so they see and pick our product off a shelf of competitors.”

Jam & Co Concept

This core philosophy has helped us create amazing product packs and brands.It a core philosophy that we tell all who will listen. 

For your product to achieve the kind of ROI the retailer is looking for, your product packaging must “demonstrate” in an engaging way the result you are promising your targeted consumer.  

All your marketing messages must speak to your target customers, and it must meet them in the Nescience Loop©”.

Knowing what your audience knows

The Nescience Loop© is the unconscious buying framework that consumers go through when they are shopping. This framework allows brand managers to identify what level of sophistication their target consumers are in, so they can ensure the product pack (on the shelf) is aligned with the consumer’s needs.

These are two critical paradigm shift brand marketers must make if they are going to achieve the kind if on shelf sales results they are looking for.

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