So much choice – so much “Design parity

I recently came across this great article written by Jon Clark from Premium Packaging Design. In the article Jon discusses “Design parity”. He looks at how whilst in the striving to have packaging look different and “craft” like, they all tend to look the same with no real stand out.”There has never been so much consumer choice, yet I can’t remember a time when I’ve seen so much similarity in design.” Jon Clark

You can read this insightful article on packaging design parity by clicking HERE

Jon says: “It’s the agency’s job to look at where the market’s going, not just where it’s been. Brands come to us for advice, not just pretty pictures.  As designers and consultants, we need to consider the implications of ‘crafting up’ these big brands, which have meaningful roots. Their simplicity of style has been built over many years, so before you set about wallpapering over your uniqueness, understand what’s worth building upon, and don’t get distracted by style, as that was hopefully never the reason for being.”