Since my move back to agency side a lot of my friends have asked me… why a design agency specialising in packaging design? It’s always struck me as an odd question… why wouldn’t I?! Then it dawned on me that my friends may not have the same romantic notions and understanding of the crucial role packaging plays in the marketing mix (as can be seen in Ian’s post here), and the consumer decision making process.

So how did I answer their questions? I would launch into a passionate speech on (insert suspense building music here)… THE POWER OF PACKAGING!

Today what I thought I’d do is write a blog on it explaining why I have a passion for packaging and why I think it’s so powerful.

Some quick stats to set the scene: 

  • 70% of consumer purchase decisions are made in the shopping aisle
  • 3 Seconds is the average attention span a shopper gives a brand
  • 40,000 – number of products an average retailer stocks
  • 60% of groceries are bought on an impulse

These are some pretty astounding stats for what is arguably a predominant portion of the $642 Billion dollars Australian’s spend on everyday living expenses annually.

I’ve always been one to love a challenge. Connecting with consumers in today’s day and age is just that… a challenge. The environment is incredibly cluttered and consumer decisions are dominated by impulse purchases. To this complexity now add the shift of private label products moving from a budget home brand look & feel to a premium product. It’s clear that brands that don’t stand out from the crowd and connect emotionally with consumers are in seriously deep water.

How does packaging help your brand?

The logical question my friends ask after this initial burst of passion is: how does packaging help your brand rise above all these challenges?

Simple. It has to connect emotionally with consumers.

As soon as you leverage an emotional connection consumers shop with blinkers on, they’re not swayed by price, packaging or communications, they only want your brand.

3 Key elements for creating powerful packaging

This is why it is so important to remember 3 key elements when designing powerful packaging that connects emotionally:

  1. Make sure your brand stands for something
  2. Make sure what you stand for has a marriage with your consumers needs & wants
  3. Ensure that whatever the answer is to points one and two transcends time and isn’t just a fad

This is the secret to success, this is the power of packaging, it’s more than pretty packs on shelf, it’s strategic design.

This is why I love packaging and why I feel so strongly about it.

I know there are probably some skeptics out there who would argue packaging doesn’t play as important a role as what I’ve made out… my response to that is this. I have proof that packaging is powerful.

Proof of the power of packaging

One of our clients came to us because they had lost who they were and what they stood for, they had no budget to spend on additional marketing support, the onus to increase sales lay solely with the packaging alone. We took them through the Jam&Co Strategic Design Process and within the first two weeks of the new packaging hitting the shelves their sales increased by 25%! Honestly you can’t say that’s not impressive. The full case study is available here for download on our website here if you’re interested.

On this note I’ll end, but I always welcome any questions you may have, don’t be shy. My details are available on our website here.