“A premium look and feel without print embellishments”

The Movie Card

  • Development of brand and card/carrier design
  • Clear communication of the product offering in a small space.
  • Creating a premium look and feel without any printing embellishments.
  • Extremely short time frames.

The Movie Card came to Jam&Co to develop a brand for their unique gift card, The Movie Card. We needed to develop a brand identity, and translate this to a gift card and carrier. This new card was then to be rolled out across a multitude of branding collateral including a website & corporate communications.

The design challenge Jam&Co were faced with was how to showcase the array of unique cinema experiences movie goers had on offer when purchasing The Movie Card. The Jam solution took cues from the magical experience one receives from going to the movies. We used dark and premium colour cues combined with retro style icons to create an emotional connection with consumers and the gift card.

The we site design also needed to clearly and succinctly showcase the magic of The Movie Card. We used emotive imagery and a range of simple icons that showed potential & current buyers of the card all the variety of ways you can use The Movie Card.

The final phase included rolling out of corporate collateral including instruction cards, presentations and social media collateral. All of which needed to convey the special feeling you receive when going to the movies!