The Most Significant Packaging Design Factors For 2020

by | Nov 28, 2019 | Packaging Design


Looking to design your product packaging design for 2020? Here are the most significant factors for 2020.

The majority of brands begin a new year with renewed commitments to their clients. They plan to make the year the best, but it is not possible to reach this aim if product packaging fails.

The significance of product packaging

Now is the perfect time to remind all packaging designers, sales teams and marketing experts of the significance of product packaging; as well as training staff on what makes product packaging essential.

Not only must the packaging meet primary requirements, but it must also protect the product, convey brand messages and reach out to customers.

This article will discuss three crucial product packaging design factors for 2020 and many years to come.

#1: Capturing Attention With Packaging 


While you cannot be physically present when people are considering your product in a retail store, it is essential that the packaging “do the talking” for you.

People are hard-wired to respond to visual stimuli; therefore, they are typically drawn to aesthetically pleasing packaging. However, the packaging must be unique in its design to ensure it stands out from the rest of the products.

According to the NLP And Hypnosis Trainers at Mindset Mastery, a study in 2013 showed that participants showed activity in specific brain regions when looking at attractive packaging.

They say that “The brain regions stimulated are responsible for feelings of reward and impulsivity. If your product packaging is both engaging and captivating, customers will immediately feel good as their impulsiveness is activated.

This increases the likelihood of the person placing your product in the shopping cart.


#2: Connecting The Customer To The Brand Message

Product packaging will be noticed to a certain degree by customers, but this does not mean it will connect with the person in a significant way.

If the packaging reassures the customer that the product meets specific needs, the connection is made immediately.






According to Bohemian Boutique owner Paul from Tierra Alma, packaging and branding should work together. He says that “This assures the customer that you understand their personal needs, as well as the product meeting these needs.” You can do this by using specific packaging features, such as the following:

  • Colour. The colour must be attention-grabbing but still appropriate for the product category.
  • Typography. Not only must the packaging be legible, but it must be relevant to the emotional state of the consumer.
  • Tone. Packaging conveying values such as eco-friendliness, luxury or other values held dear by the customer will increase the target audience.
  • Consistency. For a product to be immediately recognised, the consumer must have a sense of familiarity to the packaging.

#3: Using A Clear And Concise Package Messaging

Conciseness and clarity are not about the long-term trend to minimalist product packaging. The fact is, people make immediate decisions, and the packaging needs to reflect core branding elements.

Regulations dictate what must be detailed on the packaging; however, this still leaves much room for communicating the issues you want to convey.

According to David, head of marketing at Search It Local, successful brands such as Apple convey their brand ethos with elegance and minimal use of callouts on the packaging. He says that “by developing designs that communicate the brand logo, benefits, claims and imagery are beneficial.

They exude simplicity and elegance, which utilises limited customer attention, as well as increasing the chance of customers opting for your brand.

Always remember that the different product packaging factors continue to allow for product packaging modifications, meaning you are not stuck with the same design forever.

If the packaging design is due for an update in 2020, you must take the factors into consideration.

They will help ensure the maintenance of loyalty from current customers while reaching out to potential consumers. If you’d like to discuss your package design needs, don’t hesitate to contact Jam and Co to discuss your needs!


Guest Post Written by: Mary Paterson