The magic branding potion sought by every brand

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Branding with impact

There is a magic branding potion sought out by every brand to distinguish them from the sea of “me too” and copy cat brands.

The most successful brands have a secret ingredient that the ‘here today…gone tomorrow brands’ don”t. It’s this unique branding ingredient that keeps these brands thriving even in the rapidly changing tech and marketing environment we find ourselves in. It’s this special branding sauce that will keep brands growing and adapting to the ever-changing economy?

Emotional connection is the magic branding potion

Whilst it has changed considerably over the last few years, still many consumers define themselves by the brands they use. Beginning with TRUST, an authentic relationship translates into brand loyalty. This trust is developed over time and as a result a strong emotional connection to the brand is created.

How do brands create trust?

Trust is created by consistency over time. Consistency in quality, consistency in messaging, consistency in performance. Consistency in being honest with the consumer over time. Consistency translates into a brand that consumers love.

Yes, people believe in honest brands. With the right brand strategy, your brand still can create that LOVE brand which is so sought after.

Emotional connection, the magic ingredient

Did you know that a whopping 80% of buying decisions are based on emotion. there is also some research suggesting it’s as much as 100%?

Show me a product that people have little emotion for and I’ll show you a product that’s hard to sell or has very thin profit margins.

Can you engineer emotional connection into your brand?

  • How can emotion be engineered into your brand?
  • How do you create emotional connection with your brand?

What does engineered in mean?

Engineered into means, that there is system specifically designed and constructed to serve a specific purpose.

In the case of branding, there is a definite methodology successful brand design houses use to ensure they get the emotional connection brands require to keep them sustainable. They use proven and tested strategies to engineer emotion into the brand design.

Show me an ad, a pack or brochure that doesn’t provoke any emotion, and I can guarantee you that it doesn’t work! So with that in mind, shouldn’t you ensure your brand is creating an emotional connection via a sound strategic foundation?

We at Jam&Co blend our creative passion and strategic thinking to design in emotional connection into your brand.

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