Super Nature – Wellness Bowls & Super Pulses

Brand Refresh - Evolutionary Packaging Design
Photography - Food Styling - Art Direction

Super Nature Wellness Bowls is an established brand within the supermarket freezer. It required a refresh, so the SN team could launch new products into this successful range. JAM were tasked with bringing the new product to life and refreshing the complete range.

The first step was to increase the strength of the Super Nature brand so the consumer linked the brand with the iconic S. The bowls were also strengthened to proudly show the quality of the product. Jam worked with SN to ensure the hierarchy included all the elements and were easy to navigate for the consumer.

Further to the design changes was clearly differentiating between Wellness Bowls and Super Pulses via the use of background colours and reversing of the iconic S.

The overall result is a range that sits comfortably in the supermarket freezer and talks to consumers via the clean and simple health cues and emotive imagery. An iconic brand leader.

super nature wellness bowl
super nature wellness bowls