The most successful packaging designs have a “secret sauce”

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Creating Emotional Connection


The most successful packaging designs have a “secret sauce” that cast a magic spell over the consumer at the shelf.

The imperative to go deeper and discover the “secret sauce” – Discover the magic.


Too many marketers underestimate the task at hand to gain their target consumers attention on a crowded shelf. They totally miscalculate what it really takes for someone to take the product off the shelf, read it and engage with it and then put it into the shopping cart.  Most marketers  undervalue how much it takes to create a total message of value and differentiation. A complete story that builds both good will and establishes a stand out leading to the to making the sale.

Too many marketers sell themselves, their brands and their products short, because they don’t really understand what intrigues their target consumer and has them leaning forward with interest and excitement.

To get ahead of your competitor brands and private label competition you have to go a level deeper than everyone else around you. You have to know what it takes to speak to your consumers hearts and heads and what inspires them to take action. You have to have a “secret sauce!”.

Todays most successful packaging designs are designed by “magicians“.

How to end up in the shopping cart


In a recent interview with Packaging Europe. Steven Cox, Creative Services Director at Daymon said: Todays most successful packaging designs are being driven not just by what a retailer or brand is looking for, but by what customers are demanding.

Let’s say your target customer is walking down the supermarket aisle. They are focused on buying the items on the list. Suddenly a bright pack disrupts their reverie and catches their attention. This is the high value moment you have invested in. Now your product pack  has moved from simply being a billboard to becoming a multi sensory touchpoint along the path to purchase. Without any conscious awareness the target consumer has fallen under the spell created by the packaging designer.

The magic created by the package designer has been derived through both their years of experience and a carefully considered selection of key elements created to make sure your product not only gets a second look, but more importantly ends up in the shopping cart.


5 key trends to be considered beyond an eye catching design


The Mintel’s Global Packaging Trends 2018 report, explains that there are 5 key trends that have made their way onto the retail shelf. These 5 trends reflect the changing consumer expectations and values.Todays most successful on shelf brands understand that to get cut through on shelf, there needs to be an effort that goes beyond just visual design.

The Mintel 5 key trends should also be carefully considered above simply an eye catching packaging design:

1. Transparency and traceability for all. As more shoppers look to reduce food waste, they are also beginning to realise eco friendly packaging can help make an impact.

2. Self-care.Today’s consumer lives a hectic and stressful life. They are wanting flexible and balanced diets, making them an integral element of their self-care routine. As more and more consumers look to escape the pervasive stress and negativity in their lives, they look towards prioritising self care and making more “time for themselves.

3. Natural, tantalising, and unexpected textures. Consumers are looking to have their senses engaged as they look for ever more documentation-worthy experiences to share either in-person or online. Texture has become the latest tool to engage the senses and deliver share-worthy experiences.

4. Personalised promotions and product innovations based on individual consumer  behaviour. Personalisation is dawning due to the expansion of online and mobile food shopping. Todays consumers are increasingly looking for products that are tailored to their specific needs.

5. Scientifically engineered ingredients and finished products. Forward thinking food and beverage companies are raising awareness by comparing scientifically engineered food and drink with the traditional food and drink supply chain.


Retailers and brands need to make real connections with the consumer, appealing to their values, lifestyle or beliefs. With the vast amount of global choices available for the consumers, today’s most successful packaging designs must be viewed through the tri-focused lens of the 3 WOW’s.
1. Surprise and delight – to break though and grab attention in a crowded market.
2. Personalisation – Speak to me the customer like you really know mw and what’s important to me
3.Share-worthy packaging – Will your target consumer share their product experience via social media?

It’s easy to take the short term approach to quickly meet the screaming needs of the board-room. However in doing so you will underestimate the task at hand and what it really takes for someone to take the product off the shelf, read it and respond by putting it into the shopping cart.