This is PART 6 of the successful packaging design secrets published in FMCG magazine.

Part 6 of the series on packaging design secrets is called  “Be Seen”. As a brand marketer your job is to ensure product sales off the retail shelf. To do this your product and brand must be SEEN. The WAY YOUR PRODUCTS/BRANDS are SEEN on the retail shelf by way of the packaging they’re enclosed in, is a key determinant of how much value your target market places on them versus your competitors’ products. This article focuses on understanding how to represent the “value” of your product on the pack so it can be easily seen on the retail shelf.

Successful packaging design secret – Be Seen

To effectively sell off a product pack on shelf the designer and the marketer must truly know the product deeply, this includes its strengths, flaws, added value, and core purpose. Why is it worthy of being valued?  The article explains how your targeted consumer aren’t able to see the value of your product until you as a brand marketer can see and value it for yourself.

If you don’t believe it, you can’t sell it. You can’t sell it into your designer and they won’t be able to translate their design into something your target market will value.

The article examines the 8 what if’ questions brand marketers must ask themselves to ensure their designers, their agency, distributors, suppliers and their consumers treated their product the way it should be treated.

The article also covers the 3 “Value” propositions that must be considered for consumers to engage with your product so it can be easily SEEN on the retail shelf.

You can view a copy of Part 5 – “Demonstrating value on pack” by CLICKING HERE or you can download a PDF of this particular article, “Be Seen” – PART 6 – by CLICKING HERE.