• How can packaging design help you stand out on-shelf in the overcrowded and hypercompetitive big-box retail world?
  • How do you break through the “me too zone” and make a strong on-shelf impression?
  • How do you stand out so you can get picked out?

Wouldn’t it be great to have an increase of 10 times of consumers purchasing your product versus your competition products? To get a 10x change in buyer behaviour, you have to present your product on shelf vastly different from the way it is currently presenting.

In a powerful blog post written by Lokomotion, An Australian video production and TV advertising company, the author writes, marketing is a tax you pay for being unremarkable

The fact is, the more your product looks alike and indistinguishable, the harder you, as a marketer has to work to sell it. Companies spend hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of dollars on marketing “carbon copy” type products. A point well made in the Lokomotion post (paraphrased) “Often the only difference between the products and the way they are packaged and presented on shelf, is the marketing itself

Trying to market your way out of a “me-too” shelf position is an expensive and often impossible task.

The alternative

There are two ways marketers can restore their brand and product on-shelf and move from “me too” status to prominence.

Firstly, allocate marketing dollars from pushing the “me too” product and invest in R&D to reinvent the current product, offering something that delivers more, better, faster, cheaper or unique to the market. Alternatively create something brand new.

Secondly design packaging that stands-out from the crowd, compelling the consumer to pick it up and engage. Lets focus on number 2, stand out.

Standing out from the crowd

According to wikihow.com, we instinctively know that people who stand-out from the crowd are typically those individuals who are comfortable within themselves. These people have the confidence to be unique allowing their individuality to shine. Wikihow.com also suggests that people who stand-out from the crowd are not afraid to speak their mind and avoid following others, especially when this results in sameness and conformity. Wikihow tells us that such an individual may be “someone whose appearance is striking and is remembered by others for being someone special and is worthy of looking up to.” When you think about your products on-shelf, have they been designed to stand-out?

Think Like a Marketer” author Lauron Sonnier, writes, “It’s easy to stand out when you do something no one else is doing. To beat your competition you can’t just be a little better than they are. You have to do something different than they do.” Sonnier goes on to say that standing-out means “stirring positive emotions, be they joy or inspiration or peace of mind, sending them a message that there’s more where that came from.

Worldwide recruitment organisation, Hays tells job seekers they must stand-out from the crowd. To do so they must:

  • Make a good first impression
  • Sell yourself

The message for marketers wanting to get cut-through on-shelf is clear, albeit obvious, “stand out on shelf” Design packaging that stands-out. Create packaging that makes a good first impression and that sells itself!

Packaging design that stands out from the crowd

At Jam&Co we believe to shake up your category and stand-out in a meaningful and sustainable way, the emotional heritage of your brand and product must first be unlocked. Do this by designing packaging that use the 5 Jam’s Of Disruptive Packaging™ Design :

  • BOLD