Special K® Packaging Refresh

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With most iconic brands you need to take the consumer on the journey whilst also exciting them. For the last three years Special K has lagged with limited growth figures.

In March 2019 the new packs were launched into stores, showing appetite appeal, via emotive images, the refreshed pack moved the iconic brand into a “now” territory.

Consumers are wanting packaging to deliver inspiration and the new packs are doing that.

Special K is re-engaging its traditional audience as well as enticing new consumers.

The pack was cleaned up, offering a single compelling benefit. This enables consumer’s to easily navigate the pack, being drawn into the beautiful imagery, showing a generous dob of yoghurt with fresh fruit.

The BOP has been brought to life by adding additional scatterings of both ingredients and berries. The refreshed pack has now positioned the brand to stay in the iconic platform for decades to come.

This evolution is a great example of not throwing the “baby out with the bath water”, stay true to your heritage whilst remaining relevant.

Special K® Packaging Refresh
Special K® Packaging Refresh