South Australian Gourmet Food Company

Brand Identity - Packaging - NPD

SAFCOL briefed Jam&Co to create a brand that reflected the region of South Australia – a new brand that depicted the depth of flavours and produce within the region. This brand was to be called The South Australian Gourmet Food Company

The brand is to roll out onto packaging, Soup being the first category. Jam needed to ensure the origins that were implemented into the brand was showcased on the packaging whilst also cutting through the other existing brands on the shelf. The brand is all about providing their consumers “something better” and including real ingredients in their products.

The South Australian Gourmet Food Company brand is made up of a simple and classic black band with the under pinning of cutlery. The slice mark turns the black band into an abstract ribbon. The brand is able to transcend across different pack formats making it very versatile.

The packaging continues the theme of black and cream will simple spoon illustrations used as a holding device for the ingredients. The majority of the pack is white, allowing the simple typography to shine.

The pack blocks extremely well on shelf and cuts through.