[SlideShare] Purple Cow Packaging Design

by | Apr 26, 2017 | Uncategorized

Brand marketers need purple cow packaging design on the supermarket shelf.

Do you have a purple cow on the retail shelf?


We know that it’s Marketing’s job to get customers TO THE SHELF, we also know that it’s packaging’s job to get products INTO THE TROLLEY. The problem is that the average retailer stocks over 40,000 products, so no wonder consumers have learned to tune out and filter as they browse.

The fact is…by the time your consumer gets to the shelf …the packaging standing there is really your last opportunity for you as a marketer to influence them before they decide to buy.

Your pack is your final sales pitch.

Your packaging is your silent salesperson.

Is your silent salesperson closing the sale?

So considering all you’ve invested to deliver the consumer to the shelf, don’t you want your best and hardest working salesperson on the job?

If you don’t have one, maybe that’s what’s required to get you the retail shelf sales you are looking for.

The retail shelf is your last opportunity to influence your consumer to buy.
Does your pack stand out on shelf?
Are you loosing shelf sales to your competitors?
If you aren’t achieving your hurdle rates or your brand KPI’s then maybe you need a Purple Cow!

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