[SlideShare] How much should you pay for packaging design?

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At Jam&Co one of the most frequently asked questions that we get asked is “how much should I pay for packaging design?” This is a difficult question to answer directly mainly because there are so many variables that impact the price.

Below is a [SlideShare] presentation based on one of our very popular blog posts “How much does packaging design cost?”

The investment for creating a pack that is designed to sell is much like buying a new home.  The price all depends on one’s needs and priorities.

This SlideShare looks at the four levels of packaging design cost

Like most industries there is the el-cheapo model all the way up to the high-end exclusive, luxury one.

Here are the 4 levels of packaging design costs.

  • Packaging design cost –Level 1 – “I have a guy in India who designs labels for about $80 to $100 each!
  • Packaging design cost – Level 2 – Design House/Fast Printer “SPECIAL: Starter packs only $1200 – SAVE $300!”
  • Packaging design cost – Level 3 – Boutique Packaging Design Agency – From $10,000
  • Level 4 – High-end, Luxury, Global Design Agencies – Big names- Big clients – Big $$$

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As budgets for design get slashed and with the call to get more done for less, plus the REQUIREMENT for packs to do all the heavy lifting and deliver results even the large corporate brands are now opting for the value that the Boutique Packaging Design Agency brings.