[SlideShare] The high cost of skimpy packaging design

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Like most things in life, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Nor can you skimp on your packaging design costs without it costing you where it counts most …At the shelf! There is a high cost of skimpy packaging design.

Skimpy packaging design


In today’s corporate world of always having to do more with less, there is the temptation to skimp on your packaging design costs. However… your product packaging is a critical slice of the marketing mix. In fact, for many consumers, it’s the last “commercial” a person will see in regards the product before deciding what to buy. This is your final pitch to get your target customer to buy your product.
Therefore, every brand marketer and entrepreneur must understand the power of packaging as a key for driving sales.They must therefore  be fully aware of the high risks of skimping on the packaging design.  In the end the cost might in the end be just prove too high!

Cheaper options for cutting packaging design costs.


Of course you can get a freelance graphic designer to create your pack. And no doubt they will develop designs that are far less expensive than a traditional design agency. That said, there are risks attached with this means of design.

What you get with a crowd sourced or “generic” graphic designer is a lack of specialty. This is akin to getting a project home built versus an architectural designed home. The project home will be chosen and “made to fit” whereas the architect will tailor a specific design that optimizes the space and takes all your needs into account, delivering the best possible outcome for your budget.

You want to win

In the case of shelf sales, you want a product that you can pit against your competition and win. You want to hold onto your current customer and generate new ones.  And you definitely don’t want to spend a bucket load of money to bring the customer to the shelf only to lose them to your competition at the final hurdle.

  • You cannot afford average or mediocre packaging.
  • You cannot afford to have your pack designed by committee.
  • You cannot afford  to have a pretty looking pack on the shelf that doesn’t engage  and ultimately influence the customer to buy.

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