[SlideShare] Personalizing packaging to create WOW

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Included in this post is the [SlideShare] “Personalizing packaging to create WOW ” of the original blog post.

Personalizing packaging to create WOW


When you only have between 3 and 7 seconds to grab your targeted customer’s attention, the big question is how do we create packaging that makes the consumer go….WOW!

How do we get them to choose your product and put it into their shopping trolley?
You do this by PERSONALIZING the packaging.

Personalization of packaging is the process of tailoring product packaging design to individual target market or person’s name, characteristics or preferences.

In this [SlideShare] Personalizing packaging to create WOW you’ll see:

  • What is personalization?
  • Why has personalization become such an important fact to sales success on the retail shelf?
  • 3 key characteristics personalizing packaging of which make a consumer go WOW!
  • Personalized packaging must have these 3 ingredients…
  • Does “personalization” really make a difference?
  • Personalizing is not just about the individual’s name
  • Engaging customers on a more personal level is what they really want.
  • Personalized packaging brings brands and shoppers closer together.
  • One-to-one communication using personalized packaging design
  • Know your audience is critical to creating personalized packaging
  • Capabilities of digital printing and how to use digital printing to own the consumer.
  • How personalizing creates brand loyalty…even with Gen X, Y’s and Millennials
  • Why packaging designers should be looking at digital printing as an effective tool which can add real value to the brands they work with.
  • Share-worthy packaging makes it personal.
  • Using personalization to Wow!