SLIDE-SHARE: Making dry the new fresh

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Uncategorized

Slide Share -“Dry” is the new fresh

This 83 Slide Share deck  looks at how brand marketers can capitalise on the growth and demand of “Fresh” and “On the go” food with their ambient or dry product, through effective packaging design.

The Slide Share looks at:

  • The rise and rise of “Fresh”
  • Processed food has become increasingly unpopular
  • Convenience is killing the weekly grocery shop
  • Fresh at a price
  • The price we pay for fresh
  • Increased shelf life can still be “fresh”
  • Does “fresh” really have to be fresh?”
  • False fresh isn’t fresh it’s just fake
  • Making dry the new fresh
  • Wearing your heart of your brand on your sleeve
  • Have you lost your way?
  • Will you miss the “fresh” movement?

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