Shopping Psychology Both On and Off line [Infographic]

by | May 17, 2018 | Creating Emotional Connection

In this article, will provide you with access to an INFOGRAPHIC which will show you some of the latest shopping psychology and influence tools that impact consumer behaviour both online and in-store.

Every company has a similar goal – to convince potential customers into buying products or services. The human mind works in mysterious ways, and Brand Marketers and high impact designers know how to take advantage of it. These marketers are constantly researching shopping psychology, and today they use a a vast array of tools to influence consumer purchasing decisions. Tools and techniques such as: using deals or coupons, sounds, signage, smell, and many others.

Shopping Psychology for both on and off line [Infographic]

As an example of using shopping psychology is using colour as a major consumer influencer. Just as words such as “Home Style,” “Homemade,” and Home Cooked” when printed on food labels add emotional spice to food products, so too does colour work both covertly at the conscious level of thought and awareness but also covertly and subtly on the subconscious level.

It has been shown over and over again that colour and food pairings can be an especially powerful tool for leveraging the emotional connection to taste.

Shopping Psychology – Potato chips play hard to get!

How about this for an example of using shopper psychology…Did you know that potato chip packets are purposely designed to be hard to open. It seems that when consumers are forced to work hard to get access to food, the food tastes better. Obviously this is a complete illusion. that said though, if the food seems to tastes better, it stands to reason that repeat purchases are more likely. On the contrary however, should the product pack be too hard to open, the food is seen as less tasty.

Shopping Psychology – Why are fruit and veggies right in front of the grocery store?

I mean seriously? For the average mum and dad out there this makes zero sense. Fruit and vegetables are so easily damaged. Surely they should be bought at the end of the shop not the beginning, of a shopping trip. However there is well researched shopping psychology at work here. Did you know that selecting good wholesome fresh food is an uplifting way to start shopping your shopping experience? Did you know that consumers who buy fruit and veg first feel a whole lot less guilty about buying junky food products later on their shop?

The shopper psychology infographic can be seen by CLICKING HERE . The infographic was specifically was created to help shoppers understand what really affects their decision making. The graphic also showcases how shoppers are they influenced by companies who have researched and applied shopping psychology.

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