Our shopping addiction – American shopperholic stats [INFOGRAPHIC]

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Infographics telling the story visually

Shopping Addiction otherwise known as shopaholism is having a major impact on our society. Whilst this shopping addiction [INFOGRAPHIC] attached is specifically USA based, we here in the rest of the Western world most likely face similar scenario’s.

Whilst this article may seem strange coming from a branding and packaging design agency, because our whole remit is to get consumers to buy stuff, it is important that we recognise that for some people shopping addiction is an illness and needs to be seen and treated as such.

Shopping Addiction

While shopping is a part of life that most people enjoy as a recreational activity or a treat, there are those who are addicted to it. Shopping addiction is the compulsion to spend on items regardless of need or financial earnings.

In fact, 24.4% of American shopaholics have bought things that they ended up not using, while others have risked getting credit card debt just to feed their desires. Currently, this disorder is affecting 18 million American adults and even celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna.

Did you know that Kim Kardashian actually once spent a whopping $100k on seven Hermes Birkin bags while on a visit to Paris with her mother?

People with addictive buying issues do get the same rush from it just like alcoholics or drug addicts, hence the desire to keep buying things even if they don’t need them. Actually, 47.4% of American shopaholics are lured by the euphoria they get from shopping.


What’s driving shopping addiction

This addictive relationship with shopping is a result of some people wanting to keep up appearances with fancy cars or clothes, while others don’t want to deal with their unresolved emotions. For the most of them, however, it’s because they can’t afford to pass-by a good deal on sale.

Often, these shopaholics are ridden with guilt after their impulsive purchases and they tend to hide them from families and friends. And usually, just like other addictions, this shopping addiction is normally done at the expense of paying bills or eating food.

Addiction experts and psychologists blame the rise of compulsive buying on which feeds people’s addiction to purchase products with just a click in the comfort of their homes, without anybody else being the wiser.

Although this shopping addiction is mostly associated with women, men in the USA are equally guilty of it, with tech products being their biggest weaknesses. For the women, they mostly spend on clothes, shoes, and beauty products.

Compulsive buying may not seem like such a big deal when you think about it, but just like any other addiction, it can ruin lives. Thus people and we as a society need to learn more about it and join support groups to curb it.

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Shopping addiction[INFOGRAPHIC]