This is the third article published by FMCG Magazine on successful pack design where we unpack “Irresistibly. “In this article we look at how marketers can create packs on the retail shelf that have huge impact because of their irresistible design.

FMCG Magazine published the second article in the 6 part article “successful packaging design” series written by Jam & Co on the secret to successful pack design. That article focused the clarity of the messaging that must be conveyed on the packaging to have an impact on the retail shelf. You can read a copy of that article by CLICKING HERE.

The secret to successful pack design – PART 3

In this article you’ll discover how irresistible brands and products have a “chemistry” which excite and ignite an urge within their target market, tapping into their subconscious mind. Beyond rational this highly emotional drive is unconscious. “Irresistibly”  drives the target consumer’s senses creating an immediate compulsion. The brands or products irresistible point of difference motivates the target market to purchase.

You can read the article in FMCG Magazine

Or you can download a PDF version of the article by DOWNLOADING HERE.