This is the fourth article published by FMCG Magazine on the how to’s of successful packaging design. In this particular article we unpack the key ingredients for creating engaging packaging design. We look at how marketers can create packs on the retail shelf that have showcase the brand personality and creating a package design that truly engages with the targeted consumer.

FMCG Magazine published the 4 article in the 6 part highly read series of articles on “successful packaging design“. This popular series of articles written by Jam & Co and adapted from the eBook “The 6 Secrets Most Marketing Managers Will Never Know About Packaging That Sells.” 

You can access the previous article (Part 3) in this series read a copy of that article by CLICKING HERE.

The secret to successful pack design – Engaging packaging design 

How do great packaging designers create engaging packaging designs?  In this article you’ll discover how effective packaging designers understand the importance of showcasing the brand personality in order to create packs that truly engage it’s targeted consumer. Marketers have been trying to recreate the formula of consumer engagement for decades. They know the more they can create consumer engagement with a product on the retail shelf, the greater the chance that consumer will  put the item in their shopping basket.

The article covers the 3 key ingredients for creating engaging packaging design

There are a number of questions included which can act as an excellent checklist or prompter for packaging designers and marketers to ask themselves if they want to create an engaging packaging design.

What must be included to create compelling:

  1.  Packaging Design
  1. Packaging Content
  1. Audience Engagement

You can read the article in FMCG Magazine

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