This is PART 5 – “Demonstrating value on pack”, of the series of articles published by FMCG Magazine on the how to’s of successful packaging design. In this particular article the focus is on demonstrating value on the pack itself. It looks at how one shows the target customer that they are getting value for money on a retail shelf without discounting the product.

The article explains the concept of demonstrating value on the pack that sits on the retail shelf, in terms of articulating the problem being solved by the product inside the pack and give the client what they need.

The article explains…

  1. how to utilize the pack to help the targeted consumer to “get it!”
  2. how to get the consumer to picture the full depth and breadth of everything your product has to offer and do it without cluttering the pack.
  3. the key findings of the Nielsen global survey of “Loyalty Sentiment”, entitled “How Loyal Are Your Customers?”
  4. creating a compelling USP and the differences between branding and a USP
  5. the 10 questions to determine if your product’s USP is strong enough.

You can view a copy of Part 4 – Engaging packaging design by CLICKING HERE or you can download a PDF of PART 5 – “Demonstrating value on pack” by CLICKING HERE.