Santa Claus teaches 12 branding and packaging lessons. 

YES! Santa “gets” marketing!  Whilst there are probably many more marketing lessons we can learn from Santa, here are just a quick 12 branding and packaging design lessons we have adapted for Jam&Co.

All I Really Need to Know About Branding and Packaging Design I Can Learn From Santa 

Fifteen years ago, Robert Fulghum became the phenomenal #1 “New York Times bestseller with his “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”  At Jam, we set our clients up for incredible success by following these 12 vital branding and packaging lessons given to us by Father Christmas…the man in red.

Santa’s 12 branding and packaging design lessons

1. DELIVER ON TIME & ON PROMISE – Would we still believe in Santa if he missed a year, or came late?

2. EVERYONE LOVES A GIVER –  At Jam we give far more than we get. Why cause that’s a fundamental value of a service based business. We keep our clients and win new ones over with our generous client service and awesome creative work.

3. HIRE A TEAM OF HARDWORKING PEOPLE THAT MAKE US LOOK GOOD – Santa gets the glory, but the elves work hard to make it all look easy. We make our clients look impressive!

4. STAY RECESSION PROOF – Our clients continuously invest in their brand to ensure they remain current and recession proof. Even the most turbulent economic times can’t stop Santa Claus. Sure some children may not receive as many gifts as they would like, but somehow Santa is still able to give them a present when they wake-up in the morning. At Jam we keep our clients on the shopping list no matter what the economic environment brings.

5. SANTA CREATES WIN WINS – At Jam&Co we deliver wins for our clients and they help us to win too. Every kid knows to leave out Milk & Cookies, and leave carrots for the reindeer. Why has Santa been able to remain relevant after all of these centuries? It’s because Santa makes his customers happy. He has been indispensable for a long time. So too do we become with our clients. They love us and we love them back.

6. SANTA LEVERAGES HIS BRAND – Our pack designs deliver leverage for our clients – Our designs work hard on shelf and online allowing our clients to focus on other areas of their business. The late Iraqi president Saddam Hussein had a team of body doubles. well so does Santa. His doubles leverage his efforts by working for the crowds at every shopping centre on the planet for the last 4 weeks. (While the real Santa sips margaritas by the pool at his condo).

7. EASE OF ACCESS Byron Sharps “How brands grow teaches 2 key secrets to growing your brand and build ‘market-based assets’. These are: 1 – maximised physical availability – and 2 – clear and distinctive branding using sensory cues (colours, logo, design ETC…) that are easy to remember. The man in red is simple and easy to recall and lets face it, Santa Claus has got things set up to make it sooo easy for kids (and adults) to get him their requests.  Just send send your request to an obscure PO Box in the North Pole. At Jam&Co we create memorable distinctive brand assets that are easy to recall and buy.

8. SANTA LISTENS TO HIS CUSTOMERS – Because we listen… we listen to our clients, we listen to the market, we listen to our clients audience, we deliver awesome designs that build excitement with our clients and their brand marketing teams.  Santa listens to his customers and builds massive anticipation and even gets kids counting down the sleep until the big day.

9. A ONE OF A KIND -DISTINCTIVE LOOK AND FEEL – Santa is one of a kind- If he just wore regular clothes, he’d be no big deal. Do you have a clear and distinctive brand and product pack that uses sensory cues (colours, logo, design…) which are easy to remember.

11. GET OTHERS TO TALK YOU UP – Our designs create WOW! This means they 1) surprise and delight,  2) personalised for the target audience and 3)  are shareable via social media and other sharing platforms. Santa’s P.R. elves get everyone talking about Santa, so he never has to talk himself up.

11. SANTA’s BRAND KEEPS KEEPING ON-  At Jam we design and build brands that keep growing and flexing with an ever changing market.  With all his body doubles and the team of elves, Santa really only works a couple of days a year.

12. SURPRISE & DELIGHT – Santa surprises continues to surprise and delights us!  When we think of Santa we smile? Happiness and smiles follow Santa Claus wherever he goes. Happiness and smiles follow our clients wherever they go because they have chosen to work with us here at Jam. Because we continuously surprise and delight them with the high quality of our work and client service.

Santa “gets” marketing!

Santa Claus has built one of the most recognisable brands that ever existed. We can all be inspired by his sheer staying power. After all, here’s a dude whose brand has stayed relevant for hundreds of years. He must be doing something right!. How about you?

Seasons greetings from all of us here at Jam&Co to all of you !!!