Skimpy Packaging Design

by | Jan 26, 2017 | Uncategorized

Risks of skimpy packaging design

In a corporate world of always having to do more with less, there is the temptation to skimp on your packaging design costs. However…Packaging is a critical slice of the marketing mix. In fact, for many consumers, it’s the last “commercial” a person will see in regards the product before deciding what to buy. Product packaging that attracts consumers attention in an engaging and positive way entices consumers to buy. As a result, every brand marketer and entrepreneur must understand the power of packaging as a key for driving sales.Therefore the risks of skimpy packaging design might be to high.

Great product packaging design supports your product branding efforts. Branding helps companies stand out from the competition and it’s the packaging that helps products stand out on the shelf. They are two sides of a coin. Your packaging design must reflect your brand personality. According to Facebook data 77% of people are considered to be brand loyal. Therefore when a brand releases a new product, therefore its vitally important that the pack design reflects their personality.

Skimpy packaging design might well cost you in the long run.

But…there’s no money!

For many brand marketers, much of their product budget has already been spent creating and testing the product. The money has been invested in preparing and getting the product ready for the market. So now when it comes to investing in the product packaging design, the critical ingredient required to sell the product from the retail shelf…. there’s not much left in the kitty.“OK, surely we can cut corners and skimp on investing in our product packaging? Surely with all the crowdsourcing designers out there willing to design for next to nothing, surely we are better off finding an inexpensive  designer who can design a pack quickly and cost effectively?

Grabbing the consumers attention

Well designed product packaging grabs consumer attention, especially in a highly competitive arena like the retail shelf. First impressions count. Consumers will make purchase decisions, often in just seconds. They’ll make their choices subconsciously judging the product based on its visual impact.

The external look and feel of a products packaging positions the product in the mind of the customer. Think about what  it feels like opening up a brand new iPhone or Surface? Today, the product packaging has become part of the whole owning experience. As a brand marketer one must clearly understand your target consumer and their needs and wants for your your products packaging to grab their attention and engage them.

The upshot of mediocre pack design

As John Ruskin, the leading English art critic of the Victorian era is quoted as saying, “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.” The consequences of poor or mediocre product packaging design can be really painful. Taking short cuts by hiring inexpensive design, whilst in the short run, may save you money to generate larger profits, typically…

  • crowd-sourced
  • mediocre,
  • “pretty”,
  • un-strategic
  • decision by committee

designs end up as short lived. There is no free lunch! You get what you pay for! There are big risks of skimpy packaging design.

Often the first sign of poor performing designs is a bucket load of returned product. Poor quality packaging design can also result in damage the costs of which will need to be absorbed by you. The costs of lost sales, lost customers, and reruns very quickly kill any savings you may have previously created..

You’re supporting your competitors

Are you sending your competitors your hard earned, loyal customers?

Ineffective, poorly designed, mediocre and cheap, packaging will disappoint customers and they’ll go to the products displayed next door to yours. They will go searching elsewhere. Many will even be happy to even pay a little bit more. Then there’s the old “W.O.M.” (Word of mouth) dissatisfaction Only today it’s word spread virally via social media platforms that will hurt your business. You will lose current customers and new customers will become less frequent. Cutting corners simply doesn’t work.

So…just for fun, and it will also save you a whole lot of headaches, as an exercise, next time you are in a supermarket examine your favourite product and their packaging. How does it make you feel? What if any emotions does it generate within you? How does the product express its quality, value or both? Never underestimate the power of the visual marketing your product packaging generates in the purchase decision making process.  It’s not worth the risk of skimpy packaging design.