PKN article – Whats on trend for 2017?

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PKN’s Deputy Editor approached Jam&Co and 5 other top design agency executives for a PKN article – What’s on trend for 2017?  The interviewees were asked to break down what we believe are the key packaging design trends for 2017.

You can access the entire PKN News Magazine article PDF by clicking HERE

Natural and Organic look and feel packaging trend for 2017

In this article Ian Segail GM operations for Jam&Co talks about the trend towards ‘real and authentic’. Ian says that this trend will be seen across a range of pack designs in 2017.  “We’re seeing an ever-increasing super-trend towards ‘naturally organic’ and, to a larger extent, artisan,” He is quoted by the PKN article  saying “Consumers are looking for more tailored products specific to them and their needs, and they want to know that what they’re buying has been handcrafted.”

Segail says this is evident in the growth of ‘fresh’ sections in supermarkets as well as the large number of products with an earthy look and feel, including distressed typography and a natural colour palette.  “The trend extends not only across health food aisles but into everything from laundry to pets. Indeed, we’re already seeing this trend in the pet food aisle, with brands showcasing ‘natural’ ingredients, no preservatives, and a focus on human-grade ingredients imagery on pack.

Environmentally friendly packaging trend for 2017

Jam & Co’s Ian Segail predicts environmentally friendly packaging will run parallel to healthier food choices.  “Recyclable and reusable containers will grow as demand increases and prices drop,”

Access the entire PKN News Magazine article PDF by clicking HERE