The July edition of Food&Drink Business magazine talks about the growing trend in stand-up pouches and how they have been instrumental in reinvigorating the “ready-to-eat fresh soup category”. The article goes on to describe how Pitango’s new packaging, designed by Jam&Co, aims to increase shelf visibility and grab consumer attention.

The article discusses how Beak & Johnston’s Group CEO David Beak engaged Australian packaging design studio Jam&Co Design to help create a new Aussie-friendly packaging design.

Jam&Co MD Jennifer Segail explained that the decision to revitalise the brand was made following Beak & Johnston’s acquisition of Pitango.“We created a vision to revitalise the brand and reach a broader customer base,” she says. “Jam&Co Design was brought in to help re-focus and redevelop the existing range and complement the World Flavours range” Segail explained. “While the classic soup recipes stay true to their origins, the brand was in need of an updated brand palette – one that embraced its heritage and reflected Pitango’s natural ingredients.”