Pinnacle Drinks – Bluey®

Packaging - Illustration

Jam was tasked by Pinnacle Drinks to help them develop a new mid strength beer. The big question was “How do you differentiate in an already saturated beer market?” A key differentiator is having a very engaging story…and this narrative was engaging….

Bluey’s story

This is our tribute to a dog. A dog who defied the odds and became an Aussie legend.

It’s our tribute to Ol’ Bluey, the oldest living dog. Born in 1910 he spent nearly 30 years working with cattle and sheep in Rochester, Victoria before finally passing away in 1939.

But the legend of Ol’ Bluey is more than just his age. Bluey represents the true Aussie spirit. The spirit of hard work and loyalty. Of getting the job done and defying the odds. Then after all is said and done, relaxing with your best mate and beer.

A two part project

There were two parts to this project. Part 1: The illustration and Part 2: The typography. It was critical that both parts connect emotionally with the consumer.

The illustration was created as a wood cut illustration and engaged through the eyes. Thus, it was placed prominently on the pack.

Next was the typography which had to work hard and be totally clear but also have personality. The personality was created with the underline of the U – highlighting the togetherness of the dog and his owner.

The background of the carton was subtly linked to tractor tyres from the outback dirt. This product was launched initially in Queensland and is now a staple of the BWS brand.