Jam&Co featured in Packaging of the World.

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Jam&Co featured in Packaging of the World.

Packaging of the World which hand-picks packaging designs from around did a feature on “Spice Craft” branded and designed by Jam&Co, earlier this month (April). POTW has been inspiring millions since 2008 and is seen as one of the most prominent package design websites that showcase the most interesting and creative work from around the world .

You can see the POTW article HERE

Spice Craft approached Jam&Co to design both the pack form and packaging design for two Butter Chicken kits.

Spice Craft is a unique brand that allows you to cook authentic, restaurant quality Indian food at home.

Spice Craft Kits

The kits come with everything you need to deliver a feast from the recipe, a shopping list of fresh ingredients and some of the highest quality Indian spices, all packaged up in a digestible and fun format. Jam&Co designed both the branding and packaging tapping into the unique experience of enjoying homemade Indian cooking as a shared experience with friends and family. Spice Craft needed people to look at the brand and feel drawn to it, inspired & empowered to create a delicious meal for their family & friends.

The Spice Craft Pack

The final artwork was inspired by Indian Mandala designs & wood print blocks. The logo is crafted typography housed in a box shape representing the delivery gift box that is guaranteed to give you a smile. The fabric print is taken from real sari-bands and creates a level of authenticity in addition to acting as a subtle colour coding for the different product offerings. Our designers selected pack forms that looked premium, but were also user friendly. Also included within the pack is a recipe book specifically designed for Spice Craft. The initial brand launch was solely online so a key element of the outer box development was to ensure it fitted within standard sized postage bags, but still contain all necessary ingredients in a user friendly & premium looking format.

PKN did a follow up article called “Meal kit maker waves some mandala magic” which can be seen here