Packaging needs to engage

Having  emotional connection between your brand and the consumer is paramount. You only have 3 seconds for a consumer to scan the supermarket shelf and find your product. Your brands packaging plays a fundamental role in establishing a point of difference from competing products, highlighting and communicating credible differences based on a significant product characteristic.

Importance of branding, language and colour when designing

The approach that a designer takes towards packaging design is largely dominated by the need to obtain a positive reaction from the target market.   Designing packaging with strong appeal requires a profound understanding of the relationship between branding, language and colour.

Did you know that a typical supermarket has 50,000 sku’s? If a consumer is looking for your product, they will only scan the shelf for an average of 3 seconds.  It they are not specifically looking in your category its unlikely they will notice your brand at all, leaving it on the shelf!

Why packaging is the secret weapon

Packaging is one of the most important weapons in the quest for successful shopper marketing.  WHY? The reason is simple:

  • Packaging is the most reliable brand ambassador in the fight for on shelf visibility
  • Good packaging embodies the brand and creates a point of difference, meaning it lives longest in the hands and home of the consumer

More than 60% of the shopping decision is made in the supermarket

So your brands packaging has to work really hard in store to get instant recognition. You have to start with the basics and ask yourself:

  • How will your product look when it’s parked next to it’s many competitors on a busy supermarket shelf?
  • Does the packaging communicate what you want it too?
  • Does it have appetite appeal and give the shopper enough reason to buy it?

You need to build a love affair between your product and the consumer.  Packaging is the last message  a consumer sees and your last chance to convince them to buy your product, so make sure you are striking up an emotional connection within those precious 3 seconds.