[SlideShare] Packaging a powerful marketing tool

by | May 15, 2017 | Uncategorized

Packaging is a powerful marketing tool.


Packaging is a powerful marketing tool. In today’s highly competitive retail space, it’s arguably the most important tool in the brand marketer’s toolkit.

Brand marketers need to be thinking of their packaging as a marketing tool especially when faced with an FMCG market environment where consumers are less and less brand loyal.

Your product packaging design should be viewed through the lens of a marketing tool… and not just something that looks pretty on shelf and houses your product. Because the majority of supermarket products are actually low-involvement purchases…. All of which have a plethora of competitors in all categories on the retail shelf. As a result, consumers are quite happy to try an alternative.

The power marketing lever


This bodes well for the savvy marketer who gets that their product packaging is a powerful marketing tool. Whether it be for launching new products, selling them into the supermarkets, refreshing an existing range of products or having them gain traction on the shelf. Your product packaging is your last and marketing effort to engage your customer and have them purchase. Whilst you can work hard to pull the many levers to drive your targeted consumer to the store, once they get there your product packaging has to do the heavy lifting and close the sale.

What’s in this [SlideShare]?


  • This SlideShare contains a 15 point question checklist for brand marketers to see if their product packaging needs to be refreshed.
  • We also look at the requirement for creating emotional connections with your product packaging
  • Case Study – Whereby the client achieved an increase of 25% in the first 2 weeks on-shelf without a single dollar spent on additional marketing.
  • And more….