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With so many “me too” products on shelf…How do you get cut through?

With packaging based on science, strategy and effective design.

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Packaging design is so much more than just the pretty pictures and colours on your favourite block of chocolate.

Effective packaging design combines strategy, science and design. It’s the subliminal messages you send to consumers enticing them, informing them, and convincing them, your brand really gets them.

Advertising works hard to get the consumer to the shelf, but it’s the packaging design that makes you pick it up and take it home.

By the way… all of this is done within 3 crucial seconds in a shopping aisle. THAT ‘s why you need a specialist.

Did you know?… Nielsen research demonstrates that effective packaging design gets you a 2.5 x greater average ROI than other forms of brand promotion, including advertising and social media.

With a focus on combining strategy and design we ensure that we deliver effective packaging design work that links the soul of your brand with the heart of your target market so they keep choosing your brand again and again.

Here at Jam&Co we specialise in a range of different industries such as (but not limited too) FMCG Packaging Design & Hardware Packaging Design.

To prove our worth, here is our range of case studies.

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