Packaging design creating “authenticity”-

by | Jun 27, 2017 | Uncategorized

Jam & Co recently completed a project with a subscription-based wholefoods snack box company.

The Wholefood.Me snack box is centered around the beauty of eating wholefoods, with a focus on providing busy individuals with “convenient, healthy, nourishing, and tasty snacks”.

An article in PKN revealed how  the Jam&Co team was challenged to showcase the authentic naturalness of the brand and the products in an environment where everyone screams ‘natural’ (See an earlier post What’s Natural & What’s Not!”)

The Jam&Co design team developed a brand which creates an emotional connection with the audience as it taps into the feeling of ‘guilt free’ pleasure customers will have when eating these portion controlled nutritiously, nourishing snacks.

Understanding the consumer journey

As well as creating a new Brand for of branding, the design team’s next critical step was to immerse themselves in the completely understanding the online consumer journey . The product is sold via subscription service. Therefore the business needed to clearly demonstrate what the product was, how it worked, and engage potential new subscribers, encouraging them to sign up. This needed to be done subtly so as not to discredit or depreciate the genuine authenticity and honesty which really set this brand apart from their competitors.

The complete package creates a truly personalised and enjoyable experience for subscribers. “We want them to feel good about nourishing their body”.

You can see more either by reading the PKN article or by looking at the Case Study snack box