Packaging and graphic design trends 2019

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Strategically thinking through the design process

In November last year Jam published our annual on “What graphic and packaging design trends should you be looking out for in 2019?”

I recently came across a great blog post by Jacob Cass(the founder of JUST Creative – which has an interesting graphic design blog).

Some of Jacobs clients include the likes of Disney, Nintendo and even Jerry Seinfeld.  By his own admission Jacob is a digital nomad and who travels the world while freelancing & blogging.

Having visited in excess of 85 countries I thought his views on trends in the graphic design arena were pretty wide spread and worth sharing .

You can read his article Graphic Design Trends 2019.

At Jam&Co we’re always watchful of graphic design trends all around the world and how they effect the Aussie market place and our unique consumers.

We like to think it’s what keeps us creative and helps us look at things differently. We’re a service-based industry so we’re here to help you with whatever problem you have that needs solving.

Across the team, we’ve got experience in strategy, branding, packaging, print and digital communications, and even sales strategy.

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