“I tried to be normal once, worst 32 minutes of my life”

– unknown –


Production Manager

Describe yourself in a sentence or random collection of words.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobic Not! *Did you know that the Hippopo was added throughout history to make the work even scarier!

What’s your best dad joke?

Where do you find a tortoise with no legs… Where you left it

Where did you grow up and what did it teach you?

I haven’t yet! (Oh! Sorry the dad joke was the other section). Somewhere where I stood out like a sore thumb. To be strong, fight back and never give in to other people and their prejudices.

What are some of your favourite brands you’ve worked on?

It’s not the brand it’s the technical challenges I enjoy and many have supplied that in varying degrees.


Have I? Well it would be immodest of me to boast Do I want? Absolutely!


Logos, corporate brochures, websites, business cards, powerpoint templates or product packaging.


Every brand, every client, every job is unique and the process used must be… unique to you.