PKN Article – Jam & Co helps Kombucha Zest to ‘pop’

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On the 5th January 2017, PKN published an article highlighting Jam &Co helping  Kombucha Zest to ‘pop’ on shelf.

Jam & Co was asked by Sydney-based organic health beverages company Kombucha Zest to help re-create their existing packaging into a revolutionary packaging look.  Once the brand was developed Jam & Co then needed to translate this into new packaging across a range of different flavours.


The cluttered kombucha market

The Kombucha market is extremely cluttered, all sprouting the wondrous health claims associated with Kombucha. For Kombucha Zest to be a success we knew we needed to develop something that was wildly different to anything that was currently on offer in the market. Jam & Co positioned Kombucha as a carefree brand that tasted great, the associated health benefits were just a positive bi-product.

What Jam & Co did for Kombucha Zest

After a comprehensive Brand Workshop where the brand’s personality and essence were distilled, Jam & Co developed a design that reflects the carefree resort lifestyle of a lazy afternoon at the pool or beach. The new brand mark has a changed hierarchy to emphasise zest and we developed the tagline “for life” to reflect the energetic & adventurous personality. The vibrant colouring and new flavour names were created to convey the young, sexy & fresh target market who are health conscious, social and vibrant.

Kombucha Zest now clearly distinguishes itself apart from its competitors by making kombucha more accessible to the sweet-loving Aussie palate whilst still providing non-traditional flavors and negligible sugar/calorie content.

The potential shelf impact is that now, Kombucha Zest can present a product whose ‘zesty‘ flavor is the primary focus, and health and wellness is secondary, yet still being just as powerful as its competitors.

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