Refresh keeping the iconic Sultana Bran purple as hero

Kellogg’s Sultana Bran Buds

Packaging Design

Kellogg’s came to Jam&Co looking to update their Sultana Bran Buds artwork. The product was originally launched in 2010, since then there has been a wealth of brands enter the market in addition to pack refreshes on several key competitors that made ‘Buds’ start to look a little tired.

Given the primary consumers of the product are kids aged 4-12, it was important the new design appealed to them whilst also reassuring mum that the product is providing a nutritional breakfast for their children.





Updating Sultana Bran Buds 

We also needed to leverage the ‘halo’ affect created by the Original Sultana Bran which had undergone a major refresh and supported with a media launch. As a result of this it was critical that buyers saw the link between the two and saw Sultana Bran Buds as the kid friendly version of Sultana Bran.




The chosen one

The chosen design is one that still hero’s the iconic Sultana Bran purple, linking to the original Sultana Brand and creating strong shelf blocking, whilst tapping into a child-like mindset through the creation of a ‘hungry monster’.  The chosen design provided a reassurance for mum by utilising the bowl/monsters mouth to showcase the key claim of being “high in fibre” whilst also suggesting a usage situation.