Just Right Fusion

Sub-Brand Creation - Packaging Range Extension - NPD - Photography & Food Styling

Kellogg’s Just Right developed an amazing new product that had the best of both world’s – Crunchy Granola and Cereal Flakes, creating a unique fusion. Jam&Co were tasked with the role of bringing the new range extension to life while exciting the category to entice new consumers. The intelligent and simple packaging design allows the bowl to hero while showing the range of individual ingredients scattered around the bowl. This is a new product that is a crafted with many quality ingredients and so the design had to educate the consumer of this, while maintain a premium appearance. The Just Right brand is underpinned with a simple and effective lockup which explains what the product is. The BOP creates inspiration with the use of “create your own” smoothie bowl and use JR Fusion as a topping. This talks to the versatility of the product. There are two SKU’s in the range Almond & Cashew and Cranberry & Apple.