“I tried to be normal once, worst 32 minutes of my life”

– unknown –


Managing Director & Founder

Describe yourself in a sentence or random collection of words.

Fun loving – child like, spiritual, happy, nature lover, spontaneous traveller, salad and green smooth crazy, will drive just for great coffee, multi tasker queen.

What’s your best dad joke?

Mmm me and jokes – not the best combination.

Where did you grow up and what did it teach you?

You can take the girl out of the country BUT you can’t take the country out of the girl. Loved growing up in Tamworth NSW – Country Music capital of Australia. I find the country so grounding and magical at the same time. Experience everything you can – life is short and anything is possible. If you don’t like something – change it.

What are some of your favourite brands you’ve worked on?

I enjoyed working on George Weston Foods it took me a few years to get to work on every brand in their portfolio. But I really felt I was “their packaging expert” and they relied on me. It felt great to be able to make a difference and see the brands grow over time.

I guess for me over 20 years I have worked on so many brands its really hard to pick – every brand has its own “thing” that to work on – you have to love. For me it has to connect on an emotional level and feel right. Now, I just know when something is right.


Well, I always wanted to get into PR – got there, stayed for a while and then wanted to try something else. “The world was and is my oyster” I used to say. I used to change jobs and homes every year – always trying something new, experiences was the name of the game.

I worked with Chuck Hahn in marketing at the Hahn Brewery, Worked for Judi Hausmann in PR in consumer on Revlon. Organised a big street fair in Wahroonga. Flipped into a big American insurance company in marketing and then finally found my place working with an amazing team and clients at Morton Branding for 14 years. The rest is history. looking back, I was the type of person who had to really love what I did ad it took a while to find the “thing” that I loved the most but once I did I never looked back. LOVE JAM!


Logos, corporate brochures, websites, business cards, powerpoint templates or product packaging.


Every brand, every client, every job is unique and the process used must be… unique to you.