Jam&Co designs Taubmans sample pots just launched

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Sample pots just launched

Recently Jam&Co designed Taubmans sample pots which just launched recently.  So why the need for a sample pot?

Imagine your’e over at a friends newly painted home and you see a colour paint that you absolutely fall in love with. Imagine thinking…I’d really love that colour for our play-room?  So you get the name and colour paint off of your friend and go out and buy a whole tin of the paint colour you fell in love with and paint the complete wall only to realise you don’t really like it. Somehow on your playroom walls it just didn’t quite look the same as the colour in your friends home.  Often this is due to the lighting both natural and electric light that affected your friend’s house had on the paint as opposed to the different to the shades of light in your own home.

Shaynna Blaze, TV presenter on Selling Homes Australia had this to say about paint and lighting: “Fluorescent lighting will give out a “cool light” and down lights a “warm glow”. You also need to take into account how much natural light there is.”

Jam&Co designs Taubmans sample pots

Taubmans tasked Jam&Co to design a sample pot which would allow the DIY paint consumer to simply buy a sample of paint, take it home and test the colour to make sure the it works for them considering the lighting in their home.

View Tabmans latest TVC ad for sample pots here

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