Internal Branding


When you think of a trustworthy and well-renowned brand, the first things to come to mind are likely external branding elements such as a logo, slogan, memorable advertisements and pleasant customer experiences. However, good branding involves so much more than what meets the customer’s eye. What goes on behind the scenes in a business is what influences the way in which your brand is perceived — and this is known as internal branding.

From establishing and clarifying your company values to considering your brand positioning, tone of voice, target audiences and more, internal branding not only has an impact on your customers but also your employees. Thought-out internal communication has the potential to differentiate your company from your competitors and is just as important as external branding and marketing communications. At Jam&Co, we specialise in creating custom internal branding strategies that connect your employees to your brand values — strengthening and growing your brand from the inside out. 

The importance of strategic internal communication and branding

The truth is your employees might not be as connected to your business and brand as you may think. Without a well-communicated internal branding strategy in place, your employees are unlikely to feel a connection to your business or be an ambassador outside of the office. 

Putting the same effort into internal communication and branding as you do your external communications can empower your teams with essential business knowledge, improve their work ethic, and create a more authentic experience for both employees and customers. With morale boosted and employees feeling connected to the brand and your company’s services or products, internal corporate communication can ultimately increase sales and business growth.

Perfecting your internal branding with Jam&Co

By getting to know the ins and outs of your business and taking a deeply personalised approach to your unique company, Jam&Co can create an internal branding strategy that will enable your employees to not only embrace your brand values but also live by them — both at work and at home. With the most successful companies in the world being those with a strong connection between external and internal brands, every one of our internal communication strategies focuses on doing just that. 

Create an invaluable connection between external and internal branding today

From getting to know your unique business on a deep level to creating a personalised internal communication strategy, running brand workshops and developing effective brand collateral and assets, our service is all-encompassing. To find out more about how our internal branding offering can help your business grow or learn about real-life case studies, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team online, drop us an email at or call us on 02 8054 4563.


Having an internal branding strategy in place at your business allows you to provide your employees with the opportunity to really form a connection with your business and brand. By doing so, your employees are more likely to form an understanding of how your products and services can enrich the lives of your customers. With this knowledge, your team should feel more passionate about your business — leading to improved sales, a stronger brand image and even higher employee morale at work. These are just a few of the reasons why having an internal branding strategy is important.

An effective internal branding strategy is one that is completely unique to your business. It is vital to ensure your internal branding strategy covers two main components: foundation and experience. The foundation element of internal branding refers to the core company values and ideas that describe who your company is. The experience part is all about the ways in which your business lives by its core values and ideas — in other words, making sure your business “walks the walk”. 

While having one of these two key components is a good start, it’s essential to have both and to have a deep link between the two. At Jam&Co, we can help your business create a full internal branding strategy. To find out more about our services, please get in touch with our team today.